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Idea Man
Idea Man

Author(s) Paul Allen
Publisher Portfolio Penguin
Published 2012
ISBN 9780241953716
Page Count358
Language en
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What's it like to start a revolution?
How do you build the biggest tech company in the world?
And why do you walk away from it all?

Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft. Together he and Bill Gates turned an idea - writing software - into a company and then an entire industry. This is the story of how it came about- two young mavericks who turned technology on its head; the bitter battles as each tried to stamp his vision on the future; the ruthless brilliance and fierce commitment. And finally, Allen's extraordinary step in walking away from it all to discover what it is you do after you've already changed the world . . .

'This son of Oklahoma . . . went on to create the engine that changed the world.' Dan Ackroyd

'Highly readable, refreshingly honest.' Mail on Sunday

'A book filled with wild extremes- breakthrough, breakup, power, indulgence, blue-sky innovation. And it winds up offering Paul Allen's guarded, partial answer to a universal question- what if you could make your wildest dreams come true?' New York Times